Guitar New Mexico would like to thank our many sponsors and guitar enthusiasts!
We gratefully appreciate our community’s generous support. 

   Guitar New Mexico is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation.  Your donation is greatly appreciated and is tax deductible.  
Donations help us bring the finest classical guitarists in the world to our community.


$5,000 and above

John W. and Diane J. Batty
Music Guild of New Mexico


$3,000 to $4,999

New Mexico Arts
Urban Enhancement Trust Fund-City of Albuquerque



Bernalillo County, State of New Mexico
D’Addario Foundation
Wilson Burnham
Paul Hass
Gary Gordon and Terri Giron-Gordon
Jay Hertz and Helen Grevey Endowment Fund
Peacock Law P.C.
William and Sandra Ritchie



JPR Decorative Gravel
Stephen J. Bonner III, and Lorraine L. Bonner
Paul and Paige Melendres
Ruth L. Mudge
Justin Muehlmeyer
Jay Rodman and Wendy Wilkins
Walter and Elizabeth Simpson



Albuquerque Community Foundation,
Richard and Linda Eitzen Endowment Fund
Carl and Linda Alongi



Petra Babankova
Nancy Blaugrund
Broderick, Phillippi, Wright & Card, LLC
David W. Broudy and Laura R. Stern
Christine and Harvey Buchalter 
Mark Louis and Jean Piatak Eickhoff
Kevin and Joanne Caffrey
Maxwell Fazio and Hannah Cone
Tom Cooper
Jeremy S. Cooper Guitars
Suzanne Dove
Jennie Nagin and Harold Folley
Amy Gillespie
Silva Guitars
Darlene Gray
David and Eileen Hillson
Albert Ted and Margaret J Jorgensen
Charles Kahn
Jordan I Kossberg
Woody Kuehn
Gwen Lerch
The Little Guitar School
Jim J and Mary Helen Marquez 
Ronald MacRall
Shirley Eagle Morrison 
Michael Nadler
Paul Nielsen
Nusenda Credit Union
Gregory and Gloria Olsen
David Peercy 
Barbara Posler
Shelly and Gary Prant
Judith Reynolds
Ronald Segel
Kent Skaggs
Stan and Marilyn Stark
Joan Trebilcock
Dennis A. and Dedrea A. Vigil
Mr. and Mrs. Janusz Wilczynski
Brad and Joann Woolrich



John and Carol Wright
Alison the Barber
Diana M. Baca, DDS
David and Nancy Benson
Paul S. Britt
Shirley Brothwell
Frances K Lopez-Bushnell 
William and Karen Chalverous
Melinda Cone
Donna J. Debelak
Odette Denman and Joe Garcia
Evonna Cole Joiner
Friends of the Public Library, Inc
Vondell Jones
Jodi Hayes
Il Vicino
Jordan Kosberg and Juanita Garcia
James Mayo
Bruce A. Miller
Brian Moore
Neil and Leslie Piva
Gary Schroeder
Randy J. Scott
Jonathan B and Malka Sutin
Duane Waterman
Brahna Lauger Wilczynski 

Guitar New Mexico Supporters