2017 Schedule.

Check back for 2018 festival details.

Festival includes workshops, ensembles, masterclasses, concerts and more! Registering for the 4 day festival will 1 include ticket to each of the evening concerts at Keller Hall. 


Thursday, June 15, 2017:

  • Registration Noon AYSP Music Facility, 4407 Menaul NE, Albuquerque NM 87110
  • Guitar Orchestra Rehearsals 1-2:45pm AYSP
    • Intermediate Ensemble directed by Petra Babankova, Green Room
    • Advanced Ensemble directed by Michael Partington, Robertson Hall
  • Workshop, “Jazz 101 for the Classical Player,” Gwen Lerch  3-4pm AYSP  Robertson Hall
  • Workshop, “Memory Management! Visualization Techniques For Guitarists,” Michael Chapdelaine,

4:15-5:15pm AYSP  Robertson Hall

  • Jeremy Mayne 7:30pm Keller Hall, Center for the Arts, University of New Mexico


Friday, June 16, 2017:

  • Advanced Ensemble rehearsal 10am-noon AYSP Music Facility Robertson Hall
  • Intermediate Ensemble rehearsal 10-11am AYSP Green Room
  • Intermediate Ensemble sectional 11am-noon AYSP-see room assignments
    • Part 1-Petra Babankova; Room ‘Violin 1’
    • Part 2-Genevieve Leitner. Room ‘Violin 2’
    • Part 3-Paul Nielsen, Room ‘Viola’
    • Part 4-Jim Rivera, Room ‘Cello’
  • Catered lunch/vendors Noon-1pm AYSP
  • Advanced Ensemble sectional 1-2pm AYSP-see room assignments
    • Part 1-Justin McMurdo, Room Violin 1
    • Part 2-Daniel Rolison, Room Violin 2
    • Part 3-Liza Gatica, ‘Viola’
    • Part 4 Garrett Holslag, ‘Cello’
  • Intermediate Ensemble rehearsal 1-2pm AYSP Green Room
  • SoloDuo masterclass 2:15-4:15pm AYSP Robertson Hall
  • Michael Chapdelaine masterclass 2:15-4:15pm AYSP Green Room
  • Workshop, “Stretch Your Practice! – Gentle Stretches for Whole-Body Guitar Health,” Genevieve Leitner 2:15-3pm AYSP Castro Hall
  • Workshop, “Guitarists Collaborating with Composers: Segovia, Julian Bream, and John Williams,” Stephen Goss 3:15-4:15pm AYSP Castro Hall
  • Visit with Vendors 4:15-5pm AYSP
  • Michael Partington concert 7:30pm Keller Hall, University of New Mexico Campus


Saturday, June 17, 2017:

  • Intermediate Ensemble rehearsal 10am-noon AYSP Green Room
  • Advanced Ensemble rehearsal 10-11am AYSP Robertson Hall
  • Advanced Ensemble sectional 11am-noon AYSP Led by Part 1-Justin McMurdo; Part 2-Daniel Rolison; Part 3-Liza Gatica; Part 4 Garrett Holslag(same room assignments)
  • Catered lunch/Vendors Noon-1pm AYSP
  • Intermediate Ensemble sectional 1-2pm AYSP Part 1-Petra Babankova; Part 2-Jeremy Mayne; Part 3-Paul Nielsen; Part 4-Jim Rivera(same room assignments)
  • Advanced Ensemble rehearsal 1-2pm AYSP Roberston Hall
  • Michael Partington masterclass 2:15-4:15pm AYSP Robertson Hall
  • Workshop, “Rhythms of South America – How to Play Rasgueo Patterns on the Guitar,” Genevieve Leitner  2:15-3:15pm AYSP Green Room
  • Workshop, “Reading music on an iPad,” Steve Bonner and Patrick Cox 3:15-4:15pm Green Room
  • Visit with Vendors 4:15-5pm AYSP
  • SoloDuo concert 7:30 Keller Hall, Center for the Arts, University of New Mexico



Sunday, June 18, 2017:

  • Guitar Orchestra Rehearsals 9-11am Keller Hall, University of New Mexico
    • Intermediate Ensemble in Keller Hall 9-10am; B-120 10am-11am
    • Advanced Ensemble in B-120 9-10am; Keller Hall 10-11am
  • Showcase Rehearsal for soloists/small ensembles 11-noon Keller Hall
  • Youth Festival Rehearsal Keller Hall noon
  • Festival Showcase Concert 1:15pm Keller Hall, Center for the Arts, University of New Mexico


Guitar New Mexico Youth Festival

Guitar New Mexico will offer its first ever “Youth Festival” portion of our annual Classical Guitar Festival. This is a shortened version of the festival designed specifically for young guitarists (pre-high school).

Youth Festival Program will be Saturday, June 17th from 10am-5pm, and Sunday from 12pm-2:30pm. Student activities will include ensemble rehearsals, guitar games, and an open-mic opportunity for those who want to share with the group. Participants will be featured on Sunday on the Showcase Concert.

It will be a nurturing environment for students to have fun making music, while taking their musicianship and ensemble skills to the next level. Dr. Lynn McGrath will be returning to Albuquerque to direct the ensemble. Students participating will receive part assignments for ensemble at least one month before the festival or shortly after registering for the event.  We hope to see you there!

Cost: $75 (Lunch on Saturday is included)

Saturday, June 17, 2017
Location: AYSP Music Facility 4407 Menaul NE, NM 87110

  • 9:30AM               Check-in, get settled!
  • 10-11AM              Rehearsal
  • 11-12PM              Sectionals
  • 12-1PM                Catered Lunch/Vendors
  • 1-2PM                  Rehearsal
  • 2-3PM                 Guitar Games, Q and A
  • 4-5PM                 Rehearsal

 Don’t miss SoloDuo in Concert, 7:30pm Keller Hall (optional but highly recommended!)
 Tickets available at: www.unmtickets.com

Sunday, June 18, 2017:

  • 12:00 PM            Meet for run-through in Keller Hall, University of New Mexico
  • 1:15 PM              Concert

Youth Festival Student Guidelines:
Suggested age 11-14
Guitar playing level: At least 1 year of instruction
Read standard notation in 1st position using basic rhythms
Familiarity with basic classical guitar technique(alternation, proper playing position, etc.)
Bring: Nylon string guitar, footstool or other support,  guitar tuner and pencil
Cost: $75 (Lunch on Saturday is included but does not include tickets to Keller Hall concerts)