Guitar New Mexico is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation that encourages and fosters the study and appreciation of the classical guitar.

It does this in four ways:

1.  The New Mexico Classical Guitar Festival
      Every June, Guitar New Mexico hosts the largest classical guitar festival in New Mexico, bringing four days of classes, ensembles, and concerts featuring musicians and pedagogues of local, national and international acclaim. The Festival is open to classical guitarists ranging in age from middle school to adult and skill level from beginner to professional. Students participate in four days of intensive instruction, practicing, and performing. Beginning in 2017, the Festival began to offer activities designed for middle school age students.
     The Festival also includes concerts by world-class classical guitarists that are open to the public as well as to participants in the Festival. Tuition is charged for the Festival, however scholarships and honorariums are available from Guitar New Mexico for participants needing financial assistance. 

2.  Outreach Program
      Throughout the year, Guitar New Mexico brings world renowned classical guitar performances to local venues and brings those guitarists to perform and teach in our schools.  An Artist-in-Residence is chosen to provide focused attention to the guitar programs at participating schools. The Outreach program has historically consisted of sponsored performances by professional classical guitarists at New Mexico middle schools and high schools. In 2015, the Guitar New Mexico Board of Directors expanded its vision for the Outreach program for to include many new and exciting ideas. These ideas can be classified into three components:  
     Sponsored Performances and Residencies – Performances and presentations by local and non-local guitarists will utilize many different types of venues and reach as many people as possible. Residencies will enable lengthier visits by professional classical guitarists and more significant interactions with New Mexico guitar students. 
     Student Support and Mentorship –Guitar New Mexico will provide performance outlets, subsidized lessons, and instruments for needy students.  
     Teacher Support and Mentorship –Guitar New Mexico will offer opportunities for new and experienced teachers to train, exchange materials, and encounter new ideas for classroom and private guitar study. 

3.  Youth Ensemble
      Guitar New Mexico manages a youth guitar ensemble during each year. The Guitar New Mexico Youth Ensemble is designed to be the premier musical ensemble for young classical guitarists in Albuquerque high schools. The ensemble will showcase their talents to the community in concerts at local recital venues, senior centers, and retirement facilities. This guitar ensemble became a part of Guitar New Mexico in 2016. Prior to that time, the Albuquerque Youth Symphony Program (AYS) sponsored the ensemble until it was forced to discontinue its sponsorship.

4.  Guitar Chamber Players
     The Guitar Chamber Players is an ensemble comprised of professionals, instructors, and amateurs. The size of the ensemble varies from year-to-year but typically totals 15-20 players. The Guitar Chamber Players are active during two eight-week sessions each year – one in the Spring and one in the Fall. Each session culminates in at least one concert performance by the ensemble.  
     The Guitar Chamber Players ensemble has been active for a number of years and began its affiliation with Guitar New Mexico in January 2016. Jeremy Mayne, Guitar New Mexico’s Vice President & Artistic Director, is the leader and conductor of The Guitar Chamber Players.  

2019 Board of Directors:

Paul Nielsen, President
Jeremy Mayne, Vice President, Artistic Director, Ensembles Director
Gwen Lerch, Treasurer
Jim Rivera, Secretary, Archivist
Stephen Bonner, Development, Vendors Fair Director
Lynn McGrath, Artistic Director
Walter Simpson, Planning and Development
Jay Hertz, Director
Martin Ly, Guitar New Mexico Library Program Director

Additional assistance
Benjamin Silva, Art Design
Liza Gatica, Assistant Youth Ensemble Director